Monday, October 13, 2014

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Forages can be used for bioenergy. A bioenergy grass is pictured.
As the summer months approach so does the task of making hay. At the Indiana Forage Field Day, held June 21st in Roann, Ind., experts explained the importance of smart forage practices and how they incorporate those practices into their own operations.
Participants from several areas of Indiana traveled to increase their knowledge on forages.
Rex Perlich from Dekalb County said he decided to attend because he recently started to manage his father’s farm.
“My father passed away and I am going to start managing 100 acres of hay and about 20 head of beef cattle,” Perlich said. “I thought the forage field day would give me insight about the forage industry.”
 There were four different locations participants could learn about forages.

Flack Farms, owned by Steve and Lisa Flack, is a cash crop hay business. Steve shared how incorporating a Steffen big bale conversion system into the family’s  operation will increase production and marketing efforts. 
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